Business Plans

We specialize on high quality Plans at competitive prices. Our Business Plans are prepared from a sales and marketing point of view. The Plans are used as a marketing and sales blueprint, for raising venture capital, receiving government grants, forming international joint ventures, and private equity transactions. We have prepared successful Business Plans for companies in Clean-Tech, Medical Equipment, Homeland Security and Enterprise Software. With over 20 years experience in preparation of business plans we are probably one of the most professional firms in Israel. All plans are prepared at the partner level while maintaining a competitive price structure. Our Business Plans include vital content such as the market analysis, market size, sales forecast, financial model, and company valuation. Our plans are written in native English with an option to a Hebrew version.

Markets, Sales

We are your Sales Expert. We will be responsible for your sales and marketing cycle in Brazil. The minute your first meeting with a potential customer ends, the real sales work just begins. You need professionals who are familiar with the market and who have infrastructure in Brazil. Our highly qualified team gives you comprehensive assistance. No need to pay a fixed salary to a business developer for those markets. We charge only for success. Need a "rainmaker" to generate leads? You receive it as a bonus as part of our service package. We draw on an extensive network of contacts in Brazil in these industries: homeland security, defense, life sciences, and clean-tech. As part of our work, we arrange introductions to potential customers and resellers, which lead to meetings, while we accompany your company in all critical phases of market penetration. We also place at your disposal a "virtual office" in Brazil, as well as importation and distribution logistics. Our assistance includes the full spectrum of services from planning, execution to control - all you need to be successful in our markets.

Find Israeli Technology

As a Hub we also help companies from Brazil, which seek innovative technology, to meet suppliers in Israel. We bring together supply and demand sides for the companies and markets. We specialize on technology areas in Israel in which we have unique insight, expertise and contacts, including: Clean-Tech, Life Sciences, Homeland Security. If you are looking for a specific technology or product from a company in Israel we can assist in identifying the best available technology and product in your area of interest. We assist you throughout the process of sourcing the product or forming a partnership.

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